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Our heritage

Firetrap is a cutting edge London lifestyle brand, founded in 1993. It mirrors London style, culture and attitude, taking inspiration from the diverse sounds and flavours that define London life.

"Firetrap is made for those who rebel and won’t accept the ordinary. It breaks the rules and redefines what it means to be individual. With music at its core, rock and roll spirit drives Firetrap’s unconventional approach to design and marketing. "

Our campaigns

  • Firetrap AW17 DD CampaignDEADLY DENIM AW17
  • Firetrap SS17 CampaignDEADLY DENIM SS17
  • Firetrap AW16 CampaignSPORTS LUXE AW16
  • Firetrap AW16DD CampaignDEADLY DENIM AW16
  • Firetrap SS16 Sports Luxe CampaignSPORTS LUXE SS16
  • Firetrap SS16 CampaignSS16 COLLECTION
  • Firetrap AW15 CampaignAW15 COLLECTION